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IMG 3002
Here is a  look I put together using clothing we have in our very own The Very Thing For Her store. The first look of the day is career based. Look classy and professional in a  tweed skirt brimmed in ruffles. Mirror the ruffles in the skirt by pairing it with a slightly ruffled button down. Wear pointy toed kitten heels to elongate the leg. For a pop of fall color this Cole Haan burgundy tote is perfect. 

Missing Piece? - PuzzlePiece Jewelry

puzzlepuzzle jewlery
Puzzle Piece jewelry is up and coming for all fashionistas this summer season. If you are not familiar with the term            "PuzzlePiece Jewelry", they are pieces of jewelry that can be worn either by themselves or fit together with its mate.

Learn the Ropes - Woven Bands

chord or tribal
Vogue showed off  these color packed "friendship bracelets". I chose these for our rendition of the same style.

Bold in Gold - Cuffs

lisa6 Vogue is obsessed with statement jewelry. Right now it's all about bold cuffs. Here are my favorite pieces from our collection.

Bigger is Better - Chunky Rings

Bigger is Better - Chunky Rings
chunky rings
chunky jewleryVogue showcased chunky
rings for this summer season. I selected my favorite chunky rings to
achieve the same look.

Summer Stunner or Summer Bummer?

Summer Stunner or Summer Bummer?
By: Brenna Garmon
The warm moist air of summer has shimmied its way into the fashion world. Vogue has sported an abundance of styles this summer season. The Very Thing for Her will be creating our own rendition of summer Fabs and Flops. I will be your style guru and lead you on a fashion journey. On this journey you will learn how to achieve the same red carpet looks with our collection of summer apparel. Enjoy!
Fluorescent Essence - Summer Neons
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